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Accessible visit for groups

Enjoy an accessible tour for collectives with functional diversities with your exclusive guide

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From 9am to 3.30pm

55 minutes



Catalan, English and Spanish

Arranged tours

2019 Barcelona Sustainable Tourism Awards
to good practices in the axis of Sustainability Accessibility

The tour begins in the Foyer area and continues up the main stairway, built with a judicious combination of materials of all kinds, featuring a whole world of details. Next, we visit the Lluís Millet Hall, a veritable architectural homage to nature.

Finally, the tour culminates with a visit to the Concert Hall. An explosion of colours, shapes and light welcomes you to this grandiose recital of the decorative arts. The tour also goes up to the second floor, next to the skylight - a drop of honey and water, a source of light and inspiration - before ending at the Palau organ, which overlooks the hall and accompanies the audience on a short musical journey.


Physical diversity and/or reduced mobility

  • The Palau de la Música Catalana is accessible to people with reduced mobility by lifts on all floors.
  • There is also a wheelchair stair lift on the Foyer floor to access the balconies where the Foyer exhibitions are located..
  • In the Lluís Millet Room there is a ramp enabled to access the balcony of the columns.
  • The Palau de la Música also has adapted toilets and wheelchair loan service on request.
  • Around the Palau there are parking spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility. The closest to the Palau are at C/Ortigosa and C/San Pere Més Baix. The use of parking spaces for people with functional diversity is linked to the possession of a parking card for people with reduced mobility (PMR).

Hearing diversity: deaf or low hearing people

  • Deaf signatories can request specific visits with an interpreter of Spanish sign language (minimum 12 people).
  • The audio guides have text in different languages that are easy to read by enlarging the font size.

Visual diversity: Blind or people with low vision

  • Blind or people with low vision: soon the audio guides will have an audio description.
  • Visually impaired or low vision visits are also organized with an individual guide (minimum 12 people).

Visits App

The Visits App of the Palau de la Música Catalana has compatibility with Google Talkback (for Android devices) and VoiceOver (ios) screen reader systems.

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  • People with functional diversity enjoy special prices.
  • With a grade below 65%, the cost of the guided tour is € 11 and the self-guided tour is € 8.
  • With a degree higher than 65% the cost of the visit is free.


  • It is advisable to access Carrer Sant Pere Més alt, s/n corner with Carrer Amadeu Vives, but there is also access via Carrer Palau de la Música, 4-6.
  • For any specific needyou can contact [email protected].